Code of Conduct

Micheál MacCraith Trá Mhór Juvenile Hurling and Football Club 
Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport 
Adopted AGM 2003
“Everyone has a part to play”
As a player, I will:

  • Play fairly, always do my best and remember to enjoy the game.
  • Treat people with respect and always shake hands with opponents after the game.
  • Turn up on time for training and matches and wear my helmet playing hurling.
  • Practice new skills to help make me a better player.
  • Behave in a way that makes my club, my team-mates and my parents/guardians proud of what I do and say.

As a mentor/coach, I will:

  • Ensure that safety is always a number one priority.
  • Help each player to develop their skills to enable them to reach their full potential and make sure that play is enjoyable as well as competitive.
  • Treat all players fairly and equally and with respect and instil in them the importance of sportmanship.
  • Give reasonable notice to parents/guardians of training and matches.
  • Lead by example by always conducting myself responsibly and reasonably.

As a parent/guardian, I will:

  • Bring and collect my child from training on time or arrange someone to do it.
  • Tell the mentor/coach in good time if my child cannot make training or a match.
  • Attend games to support, praise the team’s and my child’s effort as well as results.
  • Recognise the positive effects that playing team sports will have on my child’s development.

As a supporter, I will:

  • Praise a child’s good effort, win, lose, or draw.
  • Encourage players to play by the rules.
  • Respect the referee’s decisions.
  • Avoid going on to the pitch during matches.
  • Applaud good play from both sides.

A 3 person conduct sub-committee consisting of Chairperson/Vice-Chairperson and two nominated committee members will consider and review this code of conduct on an ongoing basis and deal with any related matters referred to it.
Player breaches of the code should in the first instance be handled by the mentors directly involved. Depending on the seriousness, parents should be appraised and 2 mentors should be involved at all stages. A minimum of two mentors should be assigned to all teams including seaside league teams and this may include nominated parents.

In cases where the mentors deem unacceptable behaviour serious enough to warrant consideration by the Juvenile Committee, a written factual report shall be prepared by the mentors involved and submitted to the Secretary for referral to the conduct committee. They will, having consulted with mentors; and others including parents as necessary, make recommendations to the full committee regarding action including appropriate sanctions.

Formal decisions taken shall be advised to the parents by two representatives of the committee including one officer. Appeals in writing will be considered by the full committee.

1. The Club welcomes your support in the implementation of this code, which will ultimately benefit us all.
2. The Club has adopted the GAA guidelines for the investigation of abuse as approved by it’s Central Council. Copies available on request