posted 23 Jun 2012, 07:38 by Michael Crowley
THE Phone Call has arrived and we are in Celebrity Bainisteoir for 2012 ! Speculation is mounting on who will be the Bainisteoir , could it be Richie Hayes ? Calum Best ? Our own Vanessa Whelan ?? Georgia Salpa ? The celebrity will be revealed on the 7th of July , not before , the tension is mounting , it will reach fever pitch by the time the 7th July comes around ! Calum and Georgia dated for a while  ...could they be celebrity rivals this time round ??? You heard it here first folks.
       we need the whole town behind this lads , this is a tremendous opportunity for the town , the TV cameras will be here filming on the 7th July for sure and the subsequent training sessions , so break out the bunting and the flags and lets paint the Town Blue and White ! They will film the whole town , not just the GAA Centre so lets get behind this project and make a splash on National TV . We will do our bit by organising things in the GAA Club and we will do our level best to make every bit of this a huge Family occasion .
         So get behind us and help us make this the best ever Celebrity Bainisteoir ever and show the Country what a great Community Spirit exists here in this Great Town .
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         Who could it be ?? We will know on the 7th :)