The Team

posted 2 Jul 2012, 14:34 by Michael Crowley
The panel that will take part in Celebrity Bainisteoir has been announced .
 Glen Kelly , John (Heffo) Heffernan , Richard (Richie) Hickey , Barry(Baz) Whelan , William (Cully) Cullinane , Gary Dunphy , Craig Burke , Eric Lonergan , Marty (Murt) Whelan , Eoin (Ted) Purcell , Eoin Kiely , Mathew (Mattie) Thompson , David(Doc)O'Connor , Padraig (Woodsy) Woods , Dillon Bolster , Killian Burns , Eamonn (Lazy) Power , Daithi (Purt) Purcell , Stephen Goggin , Dan Goggin , John Hayden CAPT , Cathal (Ray) Duffy , Ciaran (Crow) Crowley , Ian O'Byrne , Michael Gallagher , Peter McKenna , Paul (Pog) O'Gorman .
     In a few short days they will meet their Celebrity Bainisteoir and then the hard work will begin . The management team of Brendan Reddy , Brendan Kearney , Liam Daniels and  John Flavin will relinquish the reins and give control of the Team to the Celebrity Bainisteoir and His/Her Team for the Celebrity Bainisteoir Tournament . The fun is about to start ,the hard work starts here :)