The Phone Call

posted 18 Jun 2012, 13:05 by Michael Crowley
The phone call is a mystery , some say Padraig got it , some say it came to Richard , even more say it came to Ruairi first . Fact is , it arrived the same day we got the phone call to say we could go ahead with the Astroturf Project . Micheal McCraith was smiling down on us that day , thats for sure . The facts are muddy , but this much is sure , the lady spoke down the phone in a cultured voice , "Would you be interested in taking part in Celebrity Bainisteoir perchance ?" .,,,, Why ...yes , we might be interested .... is there much involved at all ? "No no , nothing much , few training sessions , the odd celebrity hanging about , cameras ,  nationwide coverage , 600,000 viewers , nothing to it really :) Of course we will have to come down , see the place , facilities , gauge interest , that sort of thing " 
    "Ah when would that be now ? , end of the month , couple of weeks time maybe ? "
" How would Tuesday , 5 O'Clock be ?"
"Ah yeah , grand job , sure that would be grand alltogether , see you then ." 
      The rest is history now , how the club sprang into action , 4 days to get ready , rallied the troops , how Quish's offered the big cake and the goodies for the kids doing the blitz , how the Gaelscoil kids brought their djembe drums for atmosphere , how the ladies Footballers and Camogie Players and parents made a zillion sandwiches and cakes , how Mark got the bunting up in the dead of the night before with a roll of tape and a pair of stilts . And then THE CROWD turned out , bursting the hall at the seams , creating THE WELCOME for the Ladies from the Production Company , helping to seal the deal with the Lovely Producers , who talked with the Officers of the club in the inner sanctum upstairs  and laying out The Terms of Taking Part , before coming downstairs and watching Stephens video set to stirring music of our heroic little club , before telling us we were indeed in with a chance and we will be in touch in a couple of days ........suspense.... nailbiting suspense .........waiting .... for yet another Phone Call .