Sun , Sea and Sand

posted 28 Jul 2012, 05:33 by Michael Crowley
The Celebrity Bainisteoir bandwagon rolls on , as Ritchie recently took the lads for a gruelling training session on the long strand of Tramore Beach . This was a surprise to everyone as the lads were togged out on the pitch when a luxury coach pulled up and whisked the lads off to the beach with the cameras in tow . Richie put his charges through their paces , running them down to the dunes and then putting them through their paces away from the glare of the large crowd who gathered to watch . another surprise was celebrity Coach Liam Kearns from Kerry , former Limerick and Laois manager who ghosted up to Ritchie in the middle of the session . Ritchie recovered his composure quickly from this intervention and went on to lead a most interesting coaching session , finishing off with a spot of surfing , watched over by the local lifeguards just in case any of the lads got in a spot of bother . The morale in the camp is ticking along nicely as they enjoyed this break from the usual , and they had the local cliff and mountain rescue to help ferry around the cameras from place to place showing the interest and community spirit is at an all time high for this programme . 
       In to Mccarthys' Chipper for a spot of chips and Ritchie even helped out behind the counter , with Billy showing him the ropes , and the lads had a right old laugh and a bit of craic . The pictures of this are up on the Facebook page and there is a podcast of the interviews done by Ritchie , Liam Kearns and the lads on TCR fm .