Celebrity Bainisteoir


Sun , Sea and Sand

posted 28 Jul 2012, 05:33 by Michael Crowley

The Celebrity Bainisteoir bandwagon rolls on , as Ritchie recently took the lads for a gruelling training session on the long strand of Tramore Beach . This was a surprise to everyone as the lads were togged out on the pitch when a luxury coach pulled up and whisked the lads off to the beach with the cameras in tow . Richie put his charges through their paces , running them down to the dunes and then putting them through their paces away from the glare of the large crowd who gathered to watch . another surprise was celebrity Coach Liam Kearns from Kerry , former Limerick and Laois manager who ghosted up to Ritchie in the middle of the session . Ritchie recovered his composure quickly from this intervention and went on to lead a most interesting coaching session , finishing off with a spot of surfing , watched over by the local lifeguards just in case any of the lads got in a spot of bother . The morale in the camp is ticking along nicely as they enjoyed this break from the usual , and they had the local cliff and mountain rescue to help ferry around the cameras from place to place showing the interest and community spirit is at an all time high for this programme . 
       In to Mccarthys' Chipper for a spot of chips and Ritchie even helped out behind the counter , with Billy showing him the ropes , and the lads had a right old laugh and a bit of craic . The pictures of this are up on the Facebook page and there is a podcast of the interviews done by Ritchie , Liam Kearns and the lads on TCR fm .

The Reveal

posted 10 Jul 2012, 16:54 by Michael Crowley   [ updated 17 Jul 2012, 13:00 ]

     WELL ! What a day , the sun came out and with the sun came the throngs , the hordes of people to see our celebrity being revealed . The Centre was resplendant in the summer sunshine as what seemed like half of Tramore descended upon GAA Central . Kudos here to the volounteers , the dozens of helpers who got the Centre ship shape for this wonderful day . A carnival atmosphere reigned for the entire day as Gino directed proceedings from the stage , The Gaelscoil Djembe drummers kicked off proceedings followed by the wonderful Phenomenon Hip Hop Dancers and then The butterfly Band took up the baton . 
     Meanwhile the Footballers kicked around for a bit before being locked down in the dressing room to await the arrival of our mystery celebrity . The Juvenile and Camogie Clubs   ran blitz's , the TV crew moved through the crowd getting the money shots , the suppporters queued for burgers as the tension mounted . Everyone was in a great mood , the Bouncy Castle did a roaring trade . the kids entered for the Colouring Competition , and everyone wondered who it might be ?
     Richie Hayes had been the early favourite with the bookies , but Rumours had developed that Calum Best had been seen earlier in the day , Paddy Doherty had been seen outside Cahill's , Georgia Salpa was seen entering Red Lane .....THE SUSPENSE !
     Finally the BIG moment arrived , people craned their necks to see over their neighbours , is it ? could it be ? IT IS ........RICHIE HAYES .....Glory Be it's Richie after all , one of our own ! Fair Play to Ritchie , he must have signed a couple hundred autographs just to get through the crowd to the dressing room . Now there have been some famous reactions to celebrities when they have been revealed to the players in times past , but the roar that greeted Ritchie when he entered that dressing room nearly blasted him back out the door again. 
    Now the crowd are bubbling away outside while Ritchie talks to the players and , after a while , when he reappears , on the shoulders of the players , the roar that went up this time must have been heard all the way to Tullow . Stirring stuff and sure enough Ritchie stirred the crowd some more when he addressed them from the stage , a mixture of wit and bravado going down very well with this most partisan of gatherings . Of course he finished with a song before signing some more autographs , and then taking the lads for a training session , a well drilled training session too I might add . 
     It was wonderful to see the kids running along with their heroes on the pitch , posing for the cameras , getting caught up in the moment . After the training session , Ritchie went inside to the hall to help present the Colouring Competition winners with their prizes , ever courteous , posing for photographs .  He announced too that our opponents will be Tullow of Carlow , managed by Mary Byrne , and he and Mary will go head to head to decide who gets the home match . Ritchie finally escaped our clutches to retire to his home after a thrilling and exhausting day , he will be back for the next training session Monday Night next the 16th July .
     It must be said once again that the spirit in the club is at an all time high , with people volounteering alot of their time in an effort to get the Centre ready for this occasion and long may it continue . That was some day wasn't it ? 

The Team

posted 2 Jul 2012, 14:34 by Michael Crowley

The panel that will take part in Celebrity Bainisteoir has been announced .
 Glen Kelly , John (Heffo) Heffernan , Richard (Richie) Hickey , Barry(Baz) Whelan , William (Cully) Cullinane , Gary Dunphy , Craig Burke , Eric Lonergan , Marty (Murt) Whelan , Eoin (Ted) Purcell , Eoin Kiely , Mathew (Mattie) Thompson , David(Doc)O'Connor , Padraig (Woodsy) Woods , Dillon Bolster , Killian Burns , Eamonn (Lazy) Power , Daithi (Purt) Purcell , Stephen Goggin , Dan Goggin , John Hayden CAPT , Cathal (Ray) Duffy , Ciaran (Crow) Crowley , Ian O'Byrne , Michael Gallagher , Peter McKenna , Paul (Pog) O'Gorman .
     In a few short days they will meet their Celebrity Bainisteoir and then the hard work will begin . The management team of Brendan Reddy , Brendan Kearney , Liam Daniels and  John Flavin will relinquish the reins and give control of the Team to the Celebrity Bainisteoir and His/Her Team for the Celebrity Bainisteoir Tournament . The fun is about to start ,the hard work starts here :)       


posted 23 Jun 2012, 07:38 by Michael Crowley

THE Phone Call has arrived and we are in Celebrity Bainisteoir for 2012 ! Speculation is mounting on who will be the Bainisteoir , could it be Richie Hayes ? Calum Best ? Our own Vanessa Whelan ?? Georgia Salpa ? The celebrity will be revealed on the 7th of July , not before , the tension is mounting , it will reach fever pitch by the time the 7th July comes around ! Calum and Georgia dated for a while  ...could they be celebrity rivals this time round ??? You heard it here first folks.
       we need the whole town behind this lads , this is a tremendous opportunity for the town , the TV cameras will be here filming on the 7th July for sure and the subsequent training sessions , so break out the bunting and the flags and lets paint the Town Blue and White ! They will film the whole town , not just the GAA Centre so lets get behind this project and make a splash on National TV . We will do our bit by organising things in the GAA Club and we will do our level best to make every bit of this a huge Family occasion .
         So get behind us and help us make this the best ever Celebrity Bainisteoir ever and show the Country what a great Community Spirit exists here in this Great Town .
Regular updates here on the website and on our Facebook Page - Tramore GAA Official .
         Who could it be ?? We will know on the 7th :)                     

The Phone Call

posted 18 Jun 2012, 13:05 by Michael Crowley

The phone call is a mystery , some say Padraig got it , some say it came to Richard , even more say it came to Ruairi first . Fact is , it arrived the same day we got the phone call to say we could go ahead with the Astroturf Project . Micheal McCraith was smiling down on us that day , thats for sure . The facts are muddy , but this much is sure , the lady spoke down the phone in a cultured voice , "Would you be interested in taking part in Celebrity Bainisteoir perchance ?" .,,,, Why ...yes , we might be interested .... is there much involved at all ? "No no , nothing much , few training sessions , the odd celebrity hanging about , cameras ,  nationwide coverage , 600,000 viewers , nothing to it really :) Of course we will have to come down , see the place , facilities , gauge interest , that sort of thing " 
    "Ah when would that be now ? , end of the month , couple of weeks time maybe ? "
" How would Tuesday , 5 O'Clock be ?"
"Ah yeah , grand job , sure that would be grand alltogether , see you then ." 
      The rest is history now , how the club sprang into action , 4 days to get ready , rallied the troops , how Quish's offered the big cake and the goodies for the kids doing the blitz , how the Gaelscoil kids brought their djembe drums for atmosphere , how the ladies Footballers and Camogie Players and parents made a zillion sandwiches and cakes , how Mark got the bunting up in the dead of the night before with a roll of tape and a pair of stilts . And then THE CROWD turned out , bursting the hall at the seams , creating THE WELCOME for the Ladies from the Production Company , helping to seal the deal with the Lovely Producers , who talked with the Officers of the club in the inner sanctum upstairs  and laying out The Terms of Taking Part , before coming downstairs and watching Stephens video set to stirring music of our heroic little club , before telling us we were indeed in with a chance and we will be in touch in a couple of days ........suspense.... nailbiting suspense .........waiting .... for yet another Phone Call .               

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